Crimean Federal University  named after V.I. Vernadsky
Крымский федеральный университет имени В. И. Вернадского 
جامعة القرم الفيدرالية
زانکۆی فیدراڵی کریم

Simferopol is the city in the center Crimean Peninsula, on the river Salgir. It’s one of two the largest cities of Crimea, the economic and cultural center of the peninsula. The city was founded in 1784 on the site of the Tatar village of Akmechet and got, in accordance with the fashion of that time, the pseudo-Greek name "Simferopol". The climate of Simferopol is with mild winters and hot, long summers. The transport system of the city is rather overloaded. Public transport is represented by three types of urban transport: buses, trolleybuses , minibuses and taxi.




Crimean Federal University that is named after V.I. Vernadsky is Russian federal university in Simferopol. It was created in 1918, including eight academies and institutes, five colleges and centers, 11 branches throughout the Crimea and 7 scientific organizations. KFU provides a wide range of educational programms: humanitarian, natural sciences, information, medical, agricultural, economic, legal.

About 34.5 thousand students study at KFU, and there are about 2700 are foreigners from the Near and Far Abroad: India, Iraq (Kurdistan), Jordan, Algeria, Syria, Kyrgyzstan and many others. All of them easily adapt in Russia, get acquainted and make friends with other students, and also take an active part in university events.

Most students from foreign countries study at a medical institute with a degree in General Medicine. The program is partially implemented in English. Students are happy with their studies; they really like to study in such a cozy city as Simferopol.


  Medical Faculty

In total, almost 6500 thousand people live in KFU dormitories. The hostels are well equipped, recently renovated. All hostels are equipped with sports and gymnasiums, assembly halls, study rooms, laundries with household washing machines. For the convenience of students, bunk beds are purchased, bedding sets are updated.

In addition to active work at the university, students have the opportunity to self-develop and have fun in the walls of the hostel. Being a student is the brightest and most memorable time in life. The hostel has a student council that conducts various events: initiations, film watching, New Year celebrations, sport events, evening of board games and other events. Foreign students also take an active part at them.

  Tuition fees per years    (  1$ = 73 ruble   13/05/2020  )
Faculty - Specialties  Tuition fees per year
General medicine ( in English language )   250000 ruble - 3600 $
Dentistry ( in English language )   260000 ruble - 3740 $
General medicine ( in Russian language )   239400 ruble - 3470 $
Dentistry ( in Russian language )   251300 ruble - 3640$
Pharmacy  ( in Russian language )   185100 ruble - 2680 $
Pediatric ( in Russian language )   216500 ruble - 3100 $
Foundation course  ( Russian language )   110000 ruble


airport - Crimea - Simferopol

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