Kazan Federal university  ( KFU )

Казанский Федеральный Университет ( КФУ )

جامعة كازان الفيدرالية
 زانکۆی کازان فیدراڵ

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, an ancient city with a long history, located on the left bank of the Volga River. Kazan comes from the Tatar word "kazan" that means a boiler. Kazan is one of the brightest examples of how people of different nationalities and religions live peacefully in one city in an atmosphere of friendliness and tolerance.




kazan city https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGozCkwtieU

Kazan (Volga) Federal University is the higher education institution Kazan, one in ten Russian federal universities and the third (after SPbSU and Moscow State University) from the oldest universities in Russia. University is the basis of world-famous chemical, mathematical Oriental linguistic schools as well archaeological, historical and ethnographic, medical, neuropathological and psychiatric, medical, geological, geobotanical, natural sciences, law, teacher training schools and scientific societies. The place of the only discovery of a chemical element in pre-Soviet Russia.

The University is actively training foreign students in various fields. Now in KFU study more than 7 thousand foreign students from 98 countries. One of the most popular destinations chosen by foreigners is Medical business. Program is implemented by the Higher School of Medicine of the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology (IFMiB) in the departments of the institute and in research laboratories equipped with the latest unique scientific equipment.



 KFU https://youtu.be/9XTZRjqPFSw

Currently, IFMiB is developing current scientific areas - translational medicine, personalized medicine, biomedicine, molecular biology, cellular and gene technologies in medicine, biomedical engineering, bio nanotechnology and biomaterials, biomedical informatics, space biomedicine and many others. The contingent of students: citizens of 45 non-CIS countries and 5 CIS countries.

KFU provides students with a dormitory. The university has at its disposal 20 new Universiade Village buildings and about 10 hostels scattered around the city. The Universiade Village is the most comfortable campus throughout Russia. Rooms with a good repair, bathrooms in each room, kitchens with all the necessary items. There are a post office, atelier, laundry, a dining room, a large number of sports grounds and rental of sports equipment on the territory.

DU has a wonderful Student asset ( dormitory - hostel ), which provides an opportunity to diversify your student life and attend events of various directions: intellectual, educational, sports and leisure.

Foreign students are actively involved in everything. This helps them find friends for life and adapt to life in a new country.


KFU- Student dormitory hostel https://youtu.be/9G0i7KSXeSw
  Tuition fees per years    (  1$ = 73 ruble   13/05/2020  )
Faculty - Specialties  Tuition fees per year
General medicine ( in English language ) 379740 ruble
Dentistry ( in English language ) 488100 ruble
General medicine ( in Russian language ) 236820 ruble.
Dentistry ( in Russian language ) 236820 ruble
Pharmacy  ( in Russian language ) 224940 ruble
Managment  ( in English language ) 242000 ruble
Master degree in English language Tuition fees per year
Biology 294120 ruble
Geology 294120 ruble
Petroleum Engineering 294120 ruble
Digital Diplomacy 272220 ruble
Mathematics 272220 ruble
European and International Business Law 272220 ruble
Fundamental Informatics and IT 272220 ruble
General and strategic Management 272220 ruble
Software Engineering 294120 ruble



Медиацентр Студент Стар



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