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Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State Uuniversity expands the boundaries of cooperation with eastern countries. The university has signed an agreement with the recruiting company “Student Star”, which is recruiting students from Arab countries to study. The organization’s General director dr.Hassan Hazhan Rashid Hassan arrived in Syktyvkar to discuss the terms of the contract, make his proposals and see the study conditions.

Syktyvkar State University is cooperating with Student Star since 2018: in the past academic year, it recruited students from Iraq to study at the university. Mostly students entered the Medical Institute, as well as the preparatory course to learn the Russian language.

- Cooperation with the “Student Star” company has suited us, because from its sight it fulfilled all the obligations, there are no complaints against students either, they are hard-working and determined, -commented the vice-rector for academic affairs Olga Kushnir. - It was decided to expand cooperation with the company, so now this organization will recruit students from the Arab East, North Africa and so on. We will be recruiting students for the program “General Medicine” and the preparatory course, which in the future will allow students to enter different areas of education and specialty at our university and other universities. The current students of the preparatory course are interested in a wide range of specialties.


At a meeting with the head and staff of SSU , dr.Hassan Hazhan Rashid Hassan discussed some problems regarding the stay of foreign students in Syktyvkar. Particularly, he draw attention to some aspects of studying, living and organizing leisure activities of foreign students related to their national characteristics, and visited student dormitories. Together, the SSU and the “Student Star” discussed the possibility of creating an association of foreign students at the regional or city level. The question is being considered of holding a common holiday at the beginning of the school year for foreign students studying at Syktyvkar University.

- We have developed a partnership with dr.Hassan Hazhan Rashid Hassan. Despite the difference in mentality, we will try to create all conditions so that foreign students have comfortable living and studying at the Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University, - noticed Rector of the university Olga Sotnikova.


Remind that this year the university also signed an agreement on cooperation with “Sky Topper Consultants”, which aims to recruit students from India.

- We have high hopes for cooperation with “Student Star” and “Sky Topper Consultants”. The main feature of these two companies is the fact that their leaders –dr. Hassan Hazhan Rashid Hassan and Navin Saksseena - are doctors, so you can talk with them professionally about the specific issues of teaching the specialty "General Medicine", about conducting internships in the medical centers and hospitals of Syktyvkar, on the organization of student groups and much more, - said the Vice-rector Olga Kushnir.


Rector Olga Sotnikova drew attention to the fact that responsible recruiters take all the responsibilities and accompany students throughout the entire period of study, therefore, the contracting with reliable companies is a perspective direction.

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