Perm State University
Пермский государственный университет
جامعة حكومية بیرم
زانکۆی حکومی پێرم

Perm is a city in the Russian Federation, the administrative center of the Perm region, one of the largest industrial and cultural centers of the Urals; a city is famous for many unique monuments, as well as a wonderful art gallery. Perm is located in the Middle Urals, on the Kama River, below the confluence of the Chusovaya River, 1386 km east of Moscow. Perm is an important transport center, there is a river port, an airport, the oldest railway station in the Urals. Perm is the largest industrial center in Russia. The leading industry is urban engineering.


Perm city

Perm State University (full name is Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Perm State National Research University") is the classic university, one of the national research universities of Russia. First higher education institution on the Ural that opened the door for its students. Perm University was established on October 14, 1916

As of September 2016 year the university includes 12 faculties, 78 of departments, Solikamsky State Pedagogical Institute (branch), College of Professional Education, Regional Institute of Continuing Education and Institute of Natural Sciences.

A large number of foreign students who decided to get a fundamental education in Perm are studying at the University.


Perm State University

One of the popular areas among foreign students of PSNIU is "Pharmacy". The aim of the educational program in the specialty "Pharmacy" is to provide high-quality fundamental and professional training for the graduate in the field of pharmacy. The university provides education in Russian and English.

The university has 7 dormitories. In each of them students are accommodated in 2 and 3-bed rooms. Student councils have been created in the dormitories, which, together with the administration, conduct various events: initiations, film screenings, New Year celebration, sports competitions, apartment houses, etc.

Tuition fees per years    (  1$ = 69 ruble   20/06/2020  )
Faculty - Specialties Tuition fees per year
Pharmacy ( in English language ) 224,700 ruble.  3,200$
Pharmacy ( in Russian language ) 146,900 ruble. 2,100 $

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