Bashkir State Medical University
جامعة حكومية بشکیر الطبية ٠ ئوفە
Башкирский государственный медицинский университет
 زانکۆی پزیشکی حکومی بەشکیر

Ufa is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The name goes back to the ancient Turkic "uba" (hill, mound). The city is located on the bank of the river White at the confluence of rivers Ufa and Dems, on the Pribelskaya rocky undulating plain, 100 km west of the ranges South Urals. The climate is moderately continental, fairly humid, summers are warm with slight changes in temperature from month to month, winters are moderately cold and long. Public transport is diverse: buses, trolleybuses, and trams run in the city.

Ufa is a city with a wide soul, with friendly and hospitable residents. A city where you always want to return.

Ufa city

One of the leading universities of the Republic of Bashkortostan is the Bashkir State Medical University. It was founded in 1932. BSMU is the flagship of medical and pharmaceutical science and education of the Republic of Bashkortostan and holds a leading position by many criteria in the country.

For today there are more than ten thousand students and about two thousand residents from all over Russia, the Near and Far Abroad study at the university. The uniqueness of the Bashkir State Medical University is its own clinic, on the basis of which the medical, educational and scientific processes are carried out in inextricable unity.

Currently, more than 1,450 foreign students from 45 countries study at the University. Many foreign students from different countries study there: Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Israel, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, and many others. All of them easily adapt in Russia, get acquainted and make friends with other students, and also take an active part in university events.

Most students from foreign countries study at a medical institute with a degree in General Medicine. The program is partially implemented in English. Students are happy with their studies; they really like to study in spiritual Ufa. Despite the difficulties of life, people in Bashkortostan are friendly and smiling.

BSMU provides students with dormitorieshostels-: there are 4 in total in the city. The university management pays great attention to the arrangement of dormitories and the creation of comfortable living conditions for students. Being a student is considered as the brightest and most memorable time in life. All hostels are equipped with sports and gymnasiums, assembly halls, study rooms, laundries with household washing machines. For the convenience of students, bunk beds are purchased, bedding sets are updated.

In addition to active work at the university, students have the opportunity to self-develop and have fun in the walls of the hostel. The hostel has a student council that conducts various events: initiations, film screenings, New Year celebration, sport events, evening of playing board games and other events. Foreign students also take an active part in them. The hostel has created favorable and comfortable conditions necessary for students to live.


  Tuition fees per years    (  1$ = 73 ruble   13/05/2020  )
Faculty - Specialties  
General medicine ( in English language )   272736 ruble
Dentistry ( in English language )   272736 ruble
Pharmacy ( in English language )   241452 ruble
General medicine ( in Russian language )   272736 ruble
Dentistry ( in Russian language )   272736 ruble
Pharmacy ( in Russian language )   241452 ruble
Foundation course  ( course Russian language )   139392 ruble



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