Ural Federal University
Уральский федеральный университет
جامعة ئورال الفدرالية
زانکۆی فیدراڵی ئۆراڵ

Ekaterinburg is one of the largest cities of Russia, the administrative center of the Sverdlovsk region spanning the north Ural mountains, as well as the outskirts of the West Siberian Plain. Yekaterinburg, leading its history from the beginning of the 18th century, is crowned with the glory of one of the first industrial cities of the Russian Empire and still proudly bears the title of the capital of the Urals. This is a large city (population over 1.4 million people) with developed infrastructure, an extensive transport network, there are many architectural monuments, museums, parks, shopping and entertainment centers.


Ekatrinbourg city https://youtu.be/_YdvriQj2Rk

The Ural Federal University, named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, is the largest federal university in the Sverdlovsk region. It was created in 2009 by combining the Ural State Technical University - UPI and the Ural State University. Today, Ural Federal University is a center of scientific and educational life, as well as social design and innovative activity and combines the entire spectrum of technical, natural science and humanitarian education,

The Ural Federal University accepts foreign citizens from near and far abroad countries for undergraduate, specialty, graduate, and postgraduate programs, as well as for the preparatory department of the Russian language. Today, engineering and metallurgy, information technology, biotechnology, journalism, philology, international relations, tourism, and social and political sciences are most in demand.


Ural Federal University https://youtu.be/alSFqxWU81k

All foreign students live in 13 dormitories - they are within walking distance of educational buildings. In the hostels there is a cinema hall, laundry, gym, there is the opportunity to engage in table tennis. Near the campus there is a cafe, sports grounds, a stadium, a pool - this is very convenient.

The student council is elected annually by students living in a dormitory. The functions of the Council include representing the rights and interests of those living in front of the university administration,

attracting students to solve socially significant issues, organizing the educational process, leisure and living of residents, monitoring compliance with internal rules and regulations governing students' accommodation in a hostel. The student council of hostels constantly holds events such as - Halloween, Initiation into students, New Year. Organizes students to participate in events held within the framework of the United campus - the Day of the Campus, Maslenitsa and others. International students are also happy to take part in events.


 Student dormitory hostel  https://youtu.be/sGa2-NrUyWg

Медиацентр Студент Стар



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